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SEO is very simple.. when your prospects search online, you want to be found. Blue Fin Digital helps you raise your page rank to make sure that happens. Our strategy focuses on target markets, message and deep SEO knowledge – so we can ensure top rankings in the major search engines are achieved during this ongoing process.

What you can gain from SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things you can do today to grow your business. Simply put, SEO is a process of evaluating your web site and structuring it or restructuring it so that the search engines will see it as the most relevant site for a given topic (i.e. Landscaping, Dog grooming, Cars, etc.).

  • – Gain more traffic to your website from your target market
  • – Generate online leads, increase sales and achieve brand visibility
  • – Identify new market and growth opportunities through analytics and performance reviews

What our SEO package offers:

  • – Keyword Analysis – Getting the right keywords is one of the most important aspects in search engine optimization. Through a keyword analysis, and tagging of all content, we maximize those terms that are associated with your company and adapt your site accordingly to ensure that it is your website they view.
  • – Search Engine Friendliness – We will ensure that your website is readable by search engines, and that access to all your pages is possible, making it easier for prospects to come to you.
  • – SEO Copywriting, Keyword Density & Metatags -We help your website communicate with search engines. We focus on how your content is maximizing links to relevant websites and your own content.
  • – Ongoing Analysis – Once your SEO program is launched, we regularly review your website’s analytics to gauge performance and make any adjustments necessary to keep you moving up in the ranks.

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