Free SEO Audit

This essential process will give you better insight into how your website is performing, the amount of traffic it’s receiving and how it’s ranking in Google. Our free SEO audit will assess if the best SEO practices are in place in order to get the maximum visibility possible. We can efficiently determine what may be holding back your website in terms of traffic and exposure and we can help you understand your competition and identify important keywords. We can also suggest improvements to some of the more technical components of your website. A thorough audit will get your website up to speed with the current SEO strategies in online marketing and if implemented properly, can give you a leg up on your competition and generate web traffic you may be lacking.

Free SEO Report

When the SEO audit is complete, an SEO report is generated which includes the website’s performance across all areas of SEO. It provides feedback on what issues need to be fixed and how. This overview of your website’s performance in the search engines will offer key data and domain metrics as well as provide information on all organic (non-paid) traffic and ranking results. A thorough report should provide key information on your website’s growth potential and explain interesting detail on what SEO strategies need improvement. It will offer recommendations and helpful suggestions on the next steps to generate more leads and to reach your business goals. The bottom line is a report should be a transparent communication of your ROI of SEO efforts and help the client make sense of all things SEO.

Free SEO Checker

An SEO checker is a tool used when auditing a website that inspects it for compliance with search engine guidelines. Compliance with these guidelines is very important for online marketing efforts and the overall success of your site. Think of it as grading your website on how search engine friendly it is. This free tool scans the site and offers data and tips for improvement and long-term success of your site. The checker can crawl thousands of pages, your entire website actually, to identify areas that could be harmful to your rankings in Google.

An SEO checker can offer feedback in some of the following areas:
-Optimization of the basic HTML
-Improvement of page speed and overall performance
-Analysis of content, keywords, and tags
-Link building