You are hearing a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it can benefit your company; drive traffic to your website, generate leads, boost sales, etc. The first question you probably have is, “How much does it cost?”

How Much Does SEO Cost?

This is a challenging question to answer because every company is unique. We like to think of SEO as an important investment especially if you are a small business, entrepreneur or start-up. In this day and age, some may even say SEO for small companies is vital to their growth and success. Our goal at Blue Fin Digital is to help your business thrive which is why we are completely honest. SEO is not a one and done marketing approach for your business, so if you find a consultant who offers this approach be skeptical. There are many strategies and things that need to be implemented in order to rank effectively and consistently within the search engines. Some things are a temporary fix such as the design or re-design of a website and the initial optimization of that website. Other tasks, such as content creation and keyword analysis is something we recommend be implemented quite regularly to ensure consistent rankings.

SEO Pricing can vary for each SEO professional or agency. The cost of SEO for your business depends on many different factors. An SEO professional will analyze what’s currently in place in terms of effective SEO and what needs to be implemented or maintained regularly based on your business goals. Some average fees and methods of payment to expect are as follows:


This is a monthly fee paid to an SEO professional for a set of temporary and on-going services agreed upon in the initial SEO consultation. This is based on the size of the company and its goals. On average, you are looking to pay between $250-$5000 per month based on the size of the business.


This is an ideal payment scenario when you know exactly the type of SEO strategy you want to outsource to an SEO professional. Again this varies based on company size and goals. You could pay approximately $75-$200 per hour for this type of work. An honest and experienced SEO professional will help establish your SEO goals and present work that can be done to accomplish those goals within a range of price points.


This type of payment method is for specific SEO projects associated with an SEO campaign. SEO projects can be labor-intensive, diverse and goal-driven. You are looking to spend anywhere from $1000-$7500 based on the complexity of the work.


Each SEO consultant or agency has a list of typical SEO jobs they offer at a fixed price. Examples of fixed fee tasks would be an SEO audit (checking your current SEO state of affairs), SEO copywriting (a special type of writing using industry key phrases your target audience is searching for in Google) or setting up a social media site for your business. This is a favorable pricing method for testing out a consultant or agency prior to committing to a more intensive project or retainer fee.

SEO Pricing Packages

You will likely find that some digital marketing agencies and SEO professionals offer one size fits all, pre-packaged rates. Blue Fin Digital doesn’t publish a pre-packaged pricing structure for the simple reason that we do not know the current state of your website until we get in and do a little research. We also understand that each company is unique in size, culture, and the goals it wishes to achieve with its internet marketing or SEO game plan. With that said, our professionals offer a consultation where we go over what you are looking to accomplish, your budget and what you can achieve in terms of success in levels of good, better, and best price points.

Monthly SEO Packages

A popular method of payment is in the form of a monthly package or fee based on specific SEO tasks delivered for your company. Blue Fin Digital prefers to design a package at a good, better and best level that’s customized to your business and your goals while taking into consideration your business culture and overall marketing budget. One of our SEO consultants will be happy to create an SEO plan that’s a smart and lucrative investment for your business.

SEO: What exactly will I be paying for?

SEO is not a one size fits all project nor is it a one and done task that yields immediate success. SEO is complex but the right professional can easily access your business goals and do exactly what you need to help you reach those goals over time. The following are some tasks, roles, jobs that a successful SEO plan should include:

If you already have a website we go straight to accessing its current optimization. We find out how well it ranks in search engines which essentially means we access how it communicates with Google. Then we improve your optimization by structuring your pages and navigation better. Inserting better page titles and meta descriptions and adding social media buttons to your pages.

Keywords and key phrases are, well … KEY! We will research the buzz words, phrases and specific questions your potential customers are asking Google and we will incorporate these words and sentences all over your site. This will greatly enhance the search engines’ ability to discover your pages. Some consultants can go a step further here if budget allows and help produce and publish keyword-rich content, which can be a major boost in helping people and search engines find your site. For instance, price lists, white papers, instructional videos, blogs, newsfeeds, etc.

Search engines rank sites higher in the query when the websites prove trustworthy. Building trust and authority happens outside of your website by such things as guest blogging, joining/participating in industry forums and directories, and social media marketing.

After the optimization is in place there’s not a lot to do but regular, on-going check-ups are always wise and recommended.

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