WordPress is a content management system that powers about 34% of the entire web including several popular websites you’ve most likely heard of.

WordPress Website Design

Chances are you’ve heard of WordPress if you are thinking of a website for your business. It’s open-source web software, that allows anyone to easily create a functional and impressive website, ecommerce site, blog or app. Open source simply means that you can download this free online tool and use it how and when you like. WordPress is a turnkey solution meaning it can be implemented and ready to use right away. It’s highly customizable, manageable and works nicely for day-to-day use for both tech and non-tech professionals. Working smarter versus harder is what WordPress is all about. Gone are the days of spending weeks creating a website.

It offers a ton of free stuff!

Premium plug-ins, design templates, and themes. Plug-ins are additional software that offers specialized features. It also offers back-up and security plug-ins.

It's great for SEO!

Its functionality with SEO ensures content is user-friendly to major search engines thus allowing your website to be easily found by people searching for your products and services.

No coding experience necessary!

It includes tutorials and user-friendly tools to be able to make easy changes to content, images, colors, and design in-house whenever you need to.

It Can Grow With You!

No need to create a completely different site each time you take on a new product, offer a new service or add a new department- simply just edit your existing site.

Blue Fin Digital is a WordPress Design Company

Blue Fin Digital leads the way in local, small business WordPress website design. We value the small business owner, the start-ups and entrepreneurs out there.  We are in the business of building relationships and are proud to provide a type of website design concierge process. When you choose to go with a large web development company, you are assigned a project manager or a tech support agent who may not have the time to really get to know you and the climate of your business.  We work closely to understand the culture of your company and we choose design templates and specific features in WordPress that will both reflect that culture and have positive outcomes for your website and internet marketing goals.

Want to learn more about WordPress?

Contact us today so we can answer your questions about WordPress and get you on the right path to building the website you’ve always imagined for your business!